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During the winter months I like to work on my Family Tree, (genealogy research) . I have over 6000 people in my family tree database.

I have been able to identify the parents and siblings of my Great Grandfather, WILLIAM BLACKWELL KERR, born 08-02-1866 in the Village of Omemee, Emily Township, Victoria County, in Ontario Canada.
William immigrated to Rochester, NY as a young man. There he opened a dancing school. He married Fannie Mae Charlton in 06-29-1898. William died in Rochester on 04-05-1932.

I am now trying to find out who Williams grandparents were. His parents were Samuel Kerr and Elizabeth Blackwell of the Town of Lindsay (Omemee village), Ontario, Canada. They were both Irish immigrants. I am not sure when they arrived in Canada but married there in 1845. Samuel was from Belfast Ireland. Any help connecting them to other ancestors would be appreciated.

I do have information to share on Williams siblings and many of his decendants.

My Great-Great Grand Father was, John Charlton (1835-1916). He was my first ancestor to settle in Rochester back in 1857. He was a very prominent Nursery owner during the time that Rochester was the "Flower City". Geoffrey Zeiner has put together a great blog on the
history of John and the Charlton Nerseries.

My family tree can be found at :


BOB "POPS" KERR 1937-2009

My beautiful 1930 5 window Ford Coupe Hot Rod was built by the father & son team of Sam and Dave Wilczak, in Darien Center, NY. They finished the build in 2008.

It has an all steel body, fenders, hood and grill shell. The engine is from a 1961 Chevrolet Corvette, 283 w/ 3 two barrel carburators. ( "So I finally got me a 6 pack ! "). Sam and Dave took this beautiful coupe to the Syracuse Nationals in '08' where the car was picked as a Top Ten, out of 7500 cars at the show. It was also featured in Street Rodder magazines Top 100 that year.

I enjoy hanging out with my cousin Guy at local cruise nights and car shows.

We have been so lucky to have had some of the coolest mutts choose to rescue our family through the Humane Society's
LollyPop Farm and the Blue Moon Meadows Dog Rescue.

Our first was: "TAZ" ! We adopted 5 year old Taz from
the Humane Society's LollyPop Farm on May 3rd,1997. Taz crossed the rainbow bridge, on June 29th, 2007. Thanks for 10 years of loyal companionship and unconditional love.

Our second was "LOLA", a cute 4 month old puppy from
Blue Moon Meadows "a caring place for orphaned pets". She joined our family on April 16th, 2008. Lola crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 15th, 2022. Thanks for 14 years of loyal companionship and unconditional love.

Our hearts still ache, but our family will be eternally grateful for the time that they shared with us here ! We miss them so much ! R.I.P my friends ! Till we meet again !

Our current senior furry family member is "ALVIN" who also came to us from Blue Moon Meadows on March 2nd, 2019 as a one and a half year old. A DNA test shows him as a Beagle - Border Collie mix.
Our newest addition is "DOTTIE". We adopted this cute 6 month old on October 29th, 2023. She is also from Blue Moon Meadows. She was found with her brother "TATE" emaciated in a crate, dumped on a back road in Kentucky. A DNA test shows her as a Treeing Walker Coonhound, mixed with Cattle Dog, Border Collie and McNab.

Another member of the family is our Congo African Grey Parrot, named: "Oliver".

He was hatched on November 6th, 1998. He was then hand-fed, hand-raised & socialized by Paul Lewis, owner of
BIRDS UNLIMITED. Ollie came to live with us in mid February 1999 and has become a regular member of the family.

He has learned to mimic several sounds, beeps and human whistles, the telephone, microwave beep, smoke detector, (Thanks Nick !) as well as the dogs squeak toys. Ollie talks but he likes to mutter and mumble more than talk , making you think he is talking about you behind your back.

My Kids and I used to sail and race catamarans (Beach Cats) along with lots of friends from Hobie Cats of Rochester, Fleet 295 and Light House Beach Club. Those were some good old days.

My Family of Web Sites:

My wife Lynn has a business, Bookeepkerr.
My daughter Alex has a business,
Tranquil Tides Therapy.
My sister Teri has a business,
Complete Yacht Maintenance.
My cousin Pogo has a business,
Gma Quilts and Fabric Sourcing.
My brother Ron has a business,
Western Concrete.
My brother Mike has a photo site,
Bandana Mike.

I was never a centerfold but was once a cover boy !

The now defunct internet Catamaran Magazine, "
On the Wire" , was a cool E-Zine about catamaran sailing, with great articles, how to, tuning tips, humor & graphics. They chose this photo of Jack & I racing on the "Wind Pig", at Canandaigua Yacht Clubs CMOR regatta for there October 1998 cover.

(Photo by: Jay Tovey)

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